Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Final Hours in Paris...

Well, it has been quite a trip. I am playing tonight at a really good jam session and I am looking forward to it. I have met some great players and inspite of my not kwowing the languqge...I must say that I have done pretty well. I am looking forward to getting home...but Paris has been an eye opening experience. Hope all is well on the homefront....See you tomorrow!!!!!!!

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Saturday Night...

So today I moved from my hostle hostel into a cheap hotel in the Montmarte...by the Moulan Rouge. The kicker was when I came home to my room to find some dirtbag hippie had moved my bag off of my bed and was like....gee, bro, i didnt see you there. I let him have it...believe me. I am a bit too OCD to have the kind of faith in humanity that it takes to stay in a hostel. Anyway, last night I met that beautiful violinist at a bar called Antik....for music as she has a boyfriend...boo. There were some really good players here and the vibe was good. On my way there I got lost, go figure, but I saw some people playing music in a bar and they had heard of me...some american bass player over in France that plays gypsy jazz. They helped me out. My own performance was hit and miss...they know a lot of different tunes than I do. I had a couple good ones and a couple ok ones...there were too many guitars and the bass was not to good.&nb sp; Ok got to go.


ok.....i have now played enough to have a rather serious blister on my middle finger. kinda like djangofest a few years ago. but, i nust say...i an really nissing hone now. i an even nissing ny keyboard where i knoa where the damn letters are. this keyboard is so getto thqt the letters are gone and in the wrong place so it is a bit of q guessing game. otherwise, i now know how good i have it in PDX....the gigs are good, the place is clean, the people are mostly friendly....all things thqt are sonewhat escaping this place. it would be waaaaaaaay easier if i spoke sone french so i will give thqt part to them....but sonetines i can see thqt they actually hate ne. it is weird...when i play...everything is fine....otherwise, i an nostly alone. i went to the louvre with a really nice girl fron sicelly and she spoke english pretty well. the barrier wore ne down though as if i cant nake ny stupid little jokes i just dont want to ta lk to people. i have had sone good ones wasted on the fact thqt i couldnt explain myself.
otherwise....it is really expensive here! i mean....ouch. i an going to pay for this trip for a while....perhaps all summer...boo. i know it would be better with friends.
also, last night i hung out late with a guitar player, fred?, he looks just like phillippe from back home. we drank some wine and talked about gypsy jazz, gypsies, django, the guitar, the french nusic scene. all and all....it is reqlly hard to live here as a musician. he has to busk in the netro 3-5 days a week and he plays gigs too. he just has a very small place and it is 230 euros a month...and he says thqt is a good deal! i have played with sone good players now and today i an going to busk in the netro for a while with sone guys....should be a cool experience. i an also going to play tonight for a set at a place called la folla. i dont know if this is what people back hone call la chops but it is a tiny little place and not to extravigant. also, when moreno plays and romane and all the other gypsys...no non gypsys play in their raindeer games....in one circle the non and in the other circle the gypsys. this i inte nd to see on monday at a session. evedentally, angelo debarre is one who will be nice to you but otherwise...you qre an outsider. ok...i an in a hotel now and it is kinda weird to have ny own space...i kinda wanna go home....i miss pretty nuch everything about my little life. i miss my little mingy. i dont know what to say....i thought i could do this travel thing and conquer all....i an old and tired now. it would help if somebody would feel sorry for me but it is hard to think thqt people could say....oh, i am sorry that you are in france playing music. ok, one more thing.....when i get back i hope that all of ny little projects are ready to ROOOOOOOOOOOCK! i sooooo miss the bass and everything and everybody musical. ok, sa le vie....

Thursday, April 20, 2006


pretty much iam loving it here. uh ya it would help A LOT to parlez vouz frense...as you can see i cant even spell it. but.....i went to notre dame today and walked along the seine. it is awesome here...i could live here. going to leqrn to speak a little french first though. ok, here is what happened musically....i kicked some serious arse at a club last night. i asked to sit in and they basically shut me down....they just kept looking qt me but never invited me up so.....they were done and were about to pack up i walked on stage and asked and they said ok.....than we played dark eyes and i brought the house down::::forgive my lack of modesty here but::::people were standing up and yelling. So...they put me in touch with where to go to play and i will go there this weekend. Today...i was in the subway...lost, of course....all of a sudden, i hear this amazing chamber orchestra playing chardash, and than melaguenia, and they were r ipping.....seriously.....young, mostly without charts and playing with sooo much passion. At the end, I went up to the lead violinist and told her she sounded beautiful and low and behold she could speak english. So....I asked her if she played in any gypsy jazz bands and she was really nice and is going to help me get into the scene over here. I am going to meet her tonight and she plays in all of the good ones...and i believe her. She is ripping, Bela. Otherwise, I am in a hostel....I hate it. Going to look for a cheap hotel. What else....portland has some good gypsy jazz guitar players!!! You would have held your own last night but there is a chance thqt I might see Moreno....Tchavalo/Rosenburg quartet is playing on the 30th....considering thqt I leave on the 26th....thqt kinda sux.....ok, I am out.


Bon Jour4000 crowns and 14 hours and, Voila...you qre in Paris. Pretty easy enough...I arived at my hostel ok and an in the Bastille. It rules here. I know I am going to love it. I really got a good feeling from Prague and feel like I know a bit about the workings of the city....but I still dont know qny jkofpqjgqogjqo Czech. 2 things about Prague that rock....Voclov and Martina....they saved my life and really kept me looking qt new things. Thanks if you ever read this! Otherwise, I got off the train and walked the city of Paris for 3 hous with my heavy arse pack, not because I wanted too but because I am the worst navigator in the world. In the US, everything is on a grid, but in Europe....not at all so...I dont get it and hence...I get lost for hours at a time...a lot. I am glad that i will get to figure out this city though....there is a lot here...and it is expensivo.....yikes. My hostel is cheap though....ok, off to see some gypsy jazz I hope. Au Revoir, M

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Guess what...i am stilll in Praha!

I am taking a train to Paris and I leave at 10pm...it will go though the night and I will be in Frankfurt in the morning and than Paris by noon. I get to ride on one of those super trains....cool! It was the same price as flying but this way I get to see a lot of Germany....I went and saw the Constant Gardener with Martina (my awesome Czech friend) and that movie rocks...OK, Au Revoir......

Monday, April 17, 2006

over the weekend....

pretty fun...lots of sites to see here...a bit overwhelming really. everything is at least 200 years old...most of it is about 600 years old....some amazing architecture...cubism is cool. i saw this black light show on cates....it was awful...piped in music, bad dancers, i think that being a tourist sucks....lol. i bought some shoes but i think that i did major damage to my feet. i am kind of limping around.... well, i am going to take a train to paris today. everything is ok but i miss my freinds and family a bit. paris is going to be great...viva la france! i stazed out late last night and had a good time and got kinda loaded on vodca and redbull...nasty. my friend vladia got us into this hip club called the roxy for free and we stayed there until suuuper late on friday...i danced with a bunch of hot girls that night and it was fun too....ok, what else, ok...i am out.

Saturday, April 15, 2006


Friday was pretty slow but routine enough...nobody to talk to...listened to my IPOD for about 6 hours (thank god for IPODs), some people were rude, i felt like human cattle in the centers of town, i saw some really cool stuff....anatomical clock was really cool. I am going to a Black Light Theatre tonight....CATS. It is going to be cool. I did laundry today. Uh, last night I went to a club and it was a band called MINDWAY...they were rock and kinda grungy thrash . Than that same bar turned into a disco rave party and than pretty much a gay club...only in Praha. I hung out with this English bloke and his girlfriend and we just made fun of people....I am a not a bad person but sometimes you just gotta go with it...moving on from Disneyland soon I think.....I am not as bitter as I sound but it is a bit strange here for sure. I had high hopes for this place though and it has been worked over by 10 years of cra zed tourists....even 5 years ago I am sure it would have been way better. What I canĀ§t imagine is that this is the low season for tourism....holz crap! Well, I think tonight will be fun as I am going to hang out with my friend, Vlada...wish me luck..................

Friday, April 14, 2006


Today I went to Staro mesto and walked around....that means "old town". Than I took a tram over to Praha 3 and met a local luthier named Marek and he told me a lot oabout the history of the Bohemian bass. It was really cool to finally find out a little history about my own Bohemain bass. Later on around 7, Vaclov and I went to see a rocking punkish, ska-like, horn driven, crazy performing stage antic, band from France called les fils de TEUHPU...they were awesome!!! Here is their site so check it out.... http://www.lesfilsdeteuhpu.com/teuhpu/pre.php. They reminded me of March 4th with tons of horns...I got a ton of pics and I will post my whole trip when I get back on some photo site. After that I was kinda tired from the night before but I wanted to see this Czecky bass player guy whom I heard was awesome. Damn, he is. It is crazy how good he is rea lly...arco and pizz, tone, ideas, intonation...he has it covered. Thankfully he doesn't live in PDX or I would be scared of losing some jobs...every bass player in PDX would be afraid. Anywas, oh ya, yesterday I played Dark Eyes on the Charles Bridge......that is right. I played with a clarinet player and a rocker looking guy with a Les Paul and we actually sounded alright. I got a lot of applause too!!!!! LOLOLOLOL. Django with a Les Paul...he was pretty good too. What else...two more things, yesterday I also played George Mraz's bass (super hero of mine). His bass was REALLY nice too. and...tonight I am taking a lesson with the crazy bass player that I mentioned. Here is a link to his site.... www.robertbalzar.cz.. I think that is right. Ok, bye for now.

Thursday, April 13, 2006


Last night was INSANE! I went to a bar with Vaclav and saw some music...horrible of course. Than there was some uber jerk who came in late eating some horrible smelling crap and taking up the whole seat and also this ladz snapping pictures with the flash on over and over. So lame. Anzwazs...than I went to a bar called the Acropolis -not like the one in PDX- well, i think thez are going to change to the Michaelopis because I ruled it. First, there was the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in mz life there....her name is Lucie though I am not sure if that is how zou spell it or how it even sounds cuz I suck at there pronounciation so damn bad. But if this girl would email me if zou come to mz site I would be prettz happz about it. Huhuh. So, needless to saz I got prettz smashed and stazed out until about 5am. A bit hazy today for sure. Well, than I met a guz named Vladia and we met some Swedish girls and that was fun too....Ya. So, Praha is getting fun now and I like it more each daz. I just stopped caring about being the tourist guz and let go a bit and than it started getting better. On mz walk home last night I heard the morning birds for the first time and thez are awesome...so beautiful sounding. Which reminds me....I miss my phone so freaking bad. I miss mz little bird ring... Well, it is by the minute and I gotta run. Is anzbodz even reading this.......? Bye.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

traveling to prague

here i am off to prague. should be exciting!

first blog

this is just a test.