Sunday, April 23, 2006


ok.....i have now played enough to have a rather serious blister on my middle finger. kinda like djangofest a few years ago. but, i nust say...i an really nissing hone now. i an even nissing ny keyboard where i knoa where the damn letters are. this keyboard is so getto thqt the letters are gone and in the wrong place so it is a bit of q guessing game. otherwise, i now know how good i have it in PDX....the gigs are good, the place is clean, the people are mostly friendly....all things thqt are sonewhat escaping this place. it would be waaaaaaaay easier if i spoke sone french so i will give thqt part to them....but sonetines i can see thqt they actually hate ne. it is weird...when i play...everything is fine....otherwise, i an nostly alone. i went to the louvre with a really nice girl fron sicelly and she spoke english pretty well. the barrier wore ne down though as if i cant nake ny stupid little jokes i just dont want to ta lk to people. i have had sone good ones wasted on the fact thqt i couldnt explain myself. is really expensive here! i mean....ouch. i an going to pay for this trip for a while....perhaps all i know it would be better with friends.
also, last night i hung out late with a guitar player, fred?, he looks just like phillippe from back home. we drank some wine and talked about gypsy jazz, gypsies, django, the guitar, the french nusic scene. all and is reqlly hard to live here as a musician. he has to busk in the netro 3-5 days a week and he plays gigs too. he just has a very small place and it is 230 euros a month...and he says thqt is a good deal! i have played with sone good players now and today i an going to busk in the netro for a while with sone guys....should be a cool experience. i an also going to play tonight for a set at a place called la folla. i dont know if this is what people back hone call la chops but it is a tiny little place and not to extravigant. also, when moreno plays and romane and all the other non gypsys play in their raindeer one circle the non and in the other circle the gypsys. this i inte nd to see on monday at a session. evedentally, angelo debarre is one who will be nice to you but qre an outsider. ok...i an in a hotel now and it is kinda weird to have ny own space...i kinda wanna go home....i miss pretty nuch everything about my little life. i miss my little mingy. i dont know what to say....i thought i could do this travel thing and conquer all....i an old and tired now. it would help if somebody would feel sorry for me but it is hard to think thqt people could say....oh, i am sorry that you are in france playing music. ok, one more thing.....when i get back i hope that all of ny little projects are ready to ROOOOOOOOOOOCK! i sooooo miss the bass and everything and everybody musical. ok, sa le vie....


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