Thursday, April 20, 2006

pretty much iam loving it here. uh ya it would help A LOT to parlez vouz you can see i cant even spell it. but.....i went to notre dame today and walked along the seine. it is awesome here...i could live here. going to leqrn to speak a little french first though. ok, here is what happened musically....i kicked some serious arse at a club last night. i asked to sit in and they basically shut me down....they just kept looking qt me but never invited me up so.....they were done and were about to pack up i walked on stage and asked and they said ok.....than we played dark eyes and i brought the house down::::forgive my lack of modesty here but::::people were standing up and yelling. So...they put me in touch with where to go to play and i will go there this weekend. Today...i was in the subway...lost, of course....all of a sudden, i hear this amazing chamber orchestra playing chardash, and than melaguenia, and they were r ipping.....seriously.....young, mostly without charts and playing with sooo much passion. At the end, I went up to the lead violinist and told her she sounded beautiful and low and behold she could speak english. So....I asked her if she played in any gypsy jazz bands and she was really nice and is going to help me get into the scene over here. I am going to meet her tonight and she plays in all of the good ones...and i believe her. She is ripping, Bela. Otherwise, I am in a hostel....I hate it. Going to look for a cheap hotel. What else....portland has some good gypsy jazz guitar players!!! You would have held your own last night but there is a chance thqt I might see Moreno....Tchavalo/Rosenburg quartet is playing on the 30th....considering thqt I leave on the 26th....thqt kinda sux.....ok, I am out.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

dude, thats sweet! I cant wait to go! 55 days and counting!

8:50 AM  
Anonymous Thor said...

Gypsy jazz in Praque... Khamoro Festival, Prag (CZ), 22.-27.Mai 06

12:45 PM  
Anonymous Thor said...

Here is the list of the Jazz manouche rendez-vous in Paris as published by the latest issue of the french magazine 'Jazzman' :

* L'Attirail : 9 rue au Maire Paris 3ème arrondissement (phone :
A small bistrot in the Marais [Paris gay district] some manouche trend bands (Tarné Spilari, Swing de Paris, Délit d'Swing) are programmed several times each month.

* La Taverne de Cluny : 51 rue de la Harpe Paris 5ème arrondissement (phone :
On thursday guitarist such as Rodolphe Raffali, Serge Krief, Noé Reinhardt. On sunday : Ludo's Jazz Trio (accordion+2 guitars)

* Le PDG : 20 rue de Ponthieu (phone :
Not very far from the Champs Elysées. On friday, in this italo-american restaurant which boasts to prepare the best hamburger in Paris, business men and afficionados
gather to eat and listen to Samy Daussat and David Gastine guitars.

* Hôtel du Nord : 102 quai de Jemmapes Paris 10ème arrondissement (phone :
Every thursday Rodolphe Raffali plays in a quartet (with sometimes some guests) in this café which reminds the old french movie 'Hôtel du Nord'.

* Le Bouquet du Nord : 85 rue de Maubeuge Paris 10ème arrondissement (phone :
A string jazz 'soirée' every friday night rom 9 p.m. in this 'Brassserie' near the railway station Gare du Nord. Angelo Debarre, Thomas Dutronc and
Christian Escoudé have been reported to appear sometime there.

* Palais Bar : 39 rue des Petites Ecuries Paris 10ème arrondissement (phone :
On monday nights, student ambiance. Samy Daussat leads a jam-session where beginners can challenge more trained musicians.

* La Locandiera : 145 rue Oberkampf Paris 11ème arrondissement (phone
In this Ménilmontant italian restaurant every tuesday a 'boeuf manouche' (manouche jam-session) which is a rendez-vous for the young generation.

* Café Chamane : 129 rue Saint-Maur Paris 11ème arrondissement (phone
On wednesday you can meet young manouche guitarists in this turkish restaurant.

* La Guinguette Pirate : quai François Mauriac Paris 13ème arrondissement (phone :
Every tuesday tsigane music or manouche jazz can be heard on this chinese boat on the Seine river along the Great Library François Miterrand.

* Au Clairon des Chasseurs : 3 place du Tertre Paris 18ème arrondissement
On saturday late at night in this historical place in Montmartre you can hear Ninine and Jeannot (Titote Malla).

* La Chope des Puces : 122 rue des Rosiers Saint-Ouen (93) (phone :
Of course the place you can't avoid near Porte de Clignancourt where Ninine, Mondine and guests on saturday and sunday afternoon from 2pm to 7pm keep alive a three generations tradition of gypsy music.

Also check the market in the rue Mouffetard on sunday morning.

If you are in Paris on wednesday get to a place called Chaman café (métro Parmentier, 129 rue St Maur). concerts + jam start at 9h30 pm. Mateo (Mattieu Chatelaine) will make you very welcome

6:45 PM  

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