Thursday, April 13, 2006


Last night was INSANE! I went to a bar with Vaclav and saw some music...horrible of course. Than there was some uber jerk who came in late eating some horrible smelling crap and taking up the whole seat and also this ladz snapping pictures with the flash on over and over. So lame. Anzwazs...than I went to a bar called the Acropolis -not like the one in PDX- well, i think thez are going to change to the Michaelopis because I ruled it. First, there was the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in mz life there....her name is Lucie though I am not sure if that is how zou spell it or how it even sounds cuz I suck at there pronounciation so damn bad. But if this girl would email me if zou come to mz site I would be prettz happz about it. Huhuh. So, needless to saz I got prettz smashed and stazed out until about 5am. A bit hazy today for sure. Well, than I met a guz named Vladia and we met some Swedish girls and that was fun too....Ya. So, Praha is getting fun now and I like it more each daz. I just stopped caring about being the tourist guz and let go a bit and than it started getting better. On mz walk home last night I heard the morning birds for the first time and thez are beautiful sounding. Which reminds me....I miss my phone so freaking bad. I miss mz little bird ring... Well, it is by the minute and I gotta run. Is anzbodz even reading this.......? Bye.


Anonymous j said...

hey! great story there :) i think i figured out why it wasn't posting. you have to login to publish any posts...hmmmm....maybe i can do that for you while you are awaaaaay!

8:14 AM  
Anonymous David V said...

How long are zou over there anyway?

Be sure to check out the Jazz scene while you're there and give us a report.

How about telling us more about Prauge than just about the bars? :-(

12:50 AM  
Anonymous Jon said...


yes, Ive been reading your blog. keep us posted. have you gone to any tourist spots or have you gone out of town at all?


7:35 AM  

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