Monday, April 17, 2006

over the weekend....

pretty fun...lots of sites to see here...a bit overwhelming really. everything is at least 200 years old...most of it is about 600 years old....some amazing architecture...cubism is cool. i saw this black light show on was awful...piped in music, bad dancers, i think that being a tourist i bought some shoes but i think that i did major damage to my feet. i am kind of limping around.... well, i am going to take a train to paris today. everything is ok but i miss my freinds and family a bit. paris is going to be la france! i stazed out late last night and had a good time and got kinda loaded on vodca and redbull...nasty. my friend vladia got us into this hip club called the roxy for free and we stayed there until suuuper late on friday...i danced with a bunch of hot girls that night and it was fun too....ok, what else, ok...i am out.


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