Sunday, April 23, 2006

Saturday Night...

So today I moved from my hostle hostel into a cheap hotel in the the Moulan Rouge. The kicker was when I came home to my room to find some dirtbag hippie had moved my bag off of my bed and was like....gee, bro, i didnt see you there. I let him have it...believe me. I am a bit too OCD to have the kind of faith in humanity that it takes to stay in a hostel. Anyway, last night I met that beautiful violinist at a bar called Antik....for music as she has a There were some really good players here and the vibe was good. On my way there I got lost, go figure, but I saw some people playing music in a bar and they had heard of me...some american bass player over in France that plays gypsy jazz. They helped me out. My own performance was hit and miss...they know a lot of different tunes than I do. I had a couple good ones and a couple ok ones...there were too many guitars and the bass was not to good.&nb sp; Ok got to go.


Anonymous wintress said...

hi mike, just catching up on your adventures and boy can I relate to "its not worth it if i can't make stupid little jokes." !!! so true!

Picturing you walking the cobblestone streets... I can't help but remember the night we first met, on a dark street in oregon..i'm picturing you against some gothic backdrop, on the banks of a the storied seine...but goofing off on the corner with some mountain bikers, wearing baggy shorts and a ball cap, talking to scraggly hesher girls in rock t-shirts and cut-offs.
the more things change, the more things stay the same.

9:21 AM  
Anonymous Thor said...

Michael... more places you could try:

mondays , taverne de cluny, metro st michel (RER blue line), adrien
moignard plays there... tuesdays at locandiera on rue Oberkampf
(11eme arondissement metro menilmontant) jam sessions... lot of big
names show up from time to time including serge krief, manu kassimo,
chris campion, frangy, darko, etc... wednesdays they used to have
concerts with sebastien giniaux at Chamane on st-maur but i think it
stopped for now...

thursdays back at taverne de cluny, they have jazz manouche...
different ensembles every week with possibility to jam... sunday,
there's another jam session at the place in front of the locandiera, i
forget the name...

10:39 AM  

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