Friday, April 14, 2006


Today I went to Staro mesto and walked around....that means "old town". Than I took a tram over to Praha 3 and met a local luthier named Marek and he told me a lot oabout the history of the Bohemian bass. It was really cool to finally find out a little history about my own Bohemain bass. Later on around 7, Vaclov and I went to see a rocking punkish, ska-like, horn driven, crazy performing stage antic, band from France called les fils de TEUHPU...they were awesome!!! Here is their site so check it out.... They reminded me of March 4th with tons of horns...I got a ton of pics and I will post my whole trip when I get back on some photo site. After that I was kinda tired from the night before but I wanted to see this Czecky bass player guy whom I heard was awesome. Damn, he is. It is crazy how good he is rea lly...arco and pizz, tone, ideas, intonation...he has it covered. Thankfully he doesn't live in PDX or I would be scared of losing some jobs...every bass player in PDX would be afraid. Anywas, oh ya, yesterday I played Dark Eyes on the Charles Bridge......that is right. I played with a clarinet player and a rocker looking guy with a Les Paul and we actually sounded alright. I got a lot of applause too!!!!! LOLOLOLOL. Django with a Les Paul...he was pretty good too. What else...two more things, yesterday I also played George Mraz's bass (super hero of mine). His bass was REALLY nice too. and...tonight I am taking a lesson with the crazy bass player that I mentioned. Here is a link to his site.... I think that is right. Ok, bye for now.


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sweet! keep kicking tourist ass!

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