Saturday, April 08, 2006

traveling to prague

here i am off to prague. should be exciting!


Blogger michael papillo said...

hello all,
I am here in Praha and it is amaying. The computer is in chec so there are certain things that it does that I can§t figure out so zou will have to do some decoding. Trust me...zou have it easz as nobodz speaks english and needles to saz mz check is not reallz verz good...or reallz more none existant. But I am getting bz bz looking reallz pathetic and helpless and I give them the puppz dog ezes and it kinda works. I am in contact now but it did take me a while to find an internet cafe with computers. I am getting the hang of the citz now though. It is reallz big and the architexture is amaying...and, of course, old. I have mz own apartment now and it is prettz nice. I had to clean up after the old tenants and it was kinda like being at It is right in !new Town! and that is verz central. I haven§t reallz gone all touristz zet but I am going to see some cool stuff tomorrow now that I have a place. I hung out with some crayz New Yealanders last night and thez were reallz cool. I am going to hang out with a check girl that I met in PDX is verz good to know some locals. No music zet except cheesz blues...reallz bad too I might add. The citz is kinda like disnezland as far as just how touristz it is. People from everzwhere...but no Americans...when zou do see them thez are alwazs asking !Do zou speak is funnz. Ok, check in everz now and than and email me if zou want...I will most likelz just be blogging so nothing personal if I don§t get back to zou right awaz...ok, back to knowing no one...readz...go

6:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Michael, What!! You are in Praha!! I love that city! The castle, the bell towers, the big city plaza, the flee markets with all the fun stuff!! I think I bought some panties there one time!! How long are you staying? Did you move forever???? Hey, did you find out yet that the prostitutes are really cheep?? J/k.
Love, Alicia Hartle

10:52 PM  
Blogger michael papillo said...

Hello from Praha!!!
I am doing is pretty amazing here for sure...I have my own apt. in new town and that is nice...not many people speak the english though. I have been lost like about 200 times. I am lost right now. I am having fun though but my feet are killing me because I walk everywhere. The metro is really cool and I now understand the trams which are also cool. The language is a super hard thing to firure out because a lot of the words are really similar...words like strejonazykstse and cksomastre... So, today I off to the castle to check it out and I am also going to the Mozart museam and Kuzlov Most (the charles bridge). Wish me luck...

1:22 AM  
Blogger michael papillo said...

Yesterdaz was mz first successful daz here. I didn§t get lost and I now understand the citz a little more. I also contacted the best bass plazer in town and am going to sit in with his group tomorrow night, There is not near as much music here as I thought there would be...Portland Rocks! I would definatelz be in everz band here...perhaps I would be in some bands twice. I don§t mean that near as pompous as it sounds I promise...:-). Todaz I am meeting with this local luthier who knows a lot of historz about bohemiam basses like mine. I am REALLY looking forward to this and i hope he can shed some light on the past of mz bass. There is NO GYPSY JAZZ here which, in my opinion, is a cultural travesty. I am going through withdrawls...I miss all of my bands a lot. OK, I am off to walk about 10 miles or more. Bye.

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