Thursday, April 20, 2006


Bon Jour4000 crowns and 14 hours and, qre in Paris. Pretty easy enough...I arived at my hostel ok and an in the Bastille. It rules here. I know I am going to love it. I really got a good feeling from Prague and feel like I know a bit about the workings of the city....but I still dont know qny jkofpqjgqogjqo Czech. 2 things about Prague that rock....Voclov and Martina....they saved my life and really kept me looking qt new things. Thanks if you ever read this! Otherwise, I got off the train and walked the city of Paris for 3 hous with my heavy arse pack, not because I wanted too but because I am the worst navigator in the world. In the US, everything is on a grid, but in Europe....not at all so...I dont get it and hence...I get lost for hours at a time...a lot. I am glad that i will get to figure out this city though....there is a lot here...and it is expensivo.....yikes. My hostel is cheap though....ok, off to see some gypsy jazz I hope. Au Revoir, M


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